4 Signs of Termites in Wood Privacy Fences

Termites are the worst type of pest your wooden privacy fence faces over its lifespan. Luckily, there are only four species of termites found in Missouri. The bad part is that they’re subterranean creatures that can wreak havoc on your privacy fence. Today’s blog from Carnahan-White describes the four signs of termites in your privacy fences.

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Termites may leave tiny, visible holes on the surface of your privacy fence. These holes may go further into the fence or diagonally near the surface. You will probably see a series of holes together in a grouping.

Mud tubes are found near the base of your privacy fence. Termites use these tunnels to move around and transport food. Mud tubes may stick to the surface of the wood, as well, as termites move from the ground to the food source.

Termites have wings. If you see a bunch of tiny, flying ants around your privacy fence, you may have termites. These insects will swarm around the area where the termites are building a colony. Look for flying ants towards the bottom of the privacy fence.

Much like your saw creates dust on the floor, termites may leave tiny piles of sawdust on the ground adjacent to your privacy fence. It takes a long time to gather sawdust of any large magnitude. But if you see a pile of sawdust about the size of a small anthill on the side of your privacy fence, you may have termites invading your privacy fence.

You have a few options for preventing termites near your privacy fence. You can use wood sealant or wood stain products. A layer of paint can also keep these pests from feasting on your wood privacy fence. Pressure-treated wood also helps keep termites at bay. 

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