Over 60 Years Building Fences in The Ozarks

Although we’ve been around for more than 60 years, we think our history is just the beginning. At Carnahan-White Fence Company, we continually strive to improve, build, expand, and keep up-to-date with contemporary demands and the needs of our community. Sixty plus years is a good foundation for the company, but for Carnahan-White, we are just getting started.

Carnahan Fence Company was founded in 1952. W.E. and June White purchased the company in 1958 from Carnahan and changed the name to Carnahan-White Fence Co. Since 1958, the White family has been the sole owners and operate the business still today.

In 1964, Steve M. White joined in partnership with his father, W.E. White. At the same time, they built and opened Carnahan Fence and Iron in Columbia, Missouri.

Carnahan-White StorefrontW.E. realized the need for quality, environmentally safe wood for privacy fencing. So in 1968, W.E. and Steve
 established Ozark Timber Treating Co., located in St. Joe, Arkansas, to manufacture Copperwood for Carnahan-White fences. Today, Copperwood is distributed nationwide to exclusive dealers.

After the death of W.E. in 1986, Steve White solely managed both Carnahan-White and Ozark Timber Treating Co. In 1987, Steve elected to incorporate the Carnahan-White Fence Co. and its name changed to Carnahan-White Fence Company, Inc. Steve’s son-in-law, Stacey Hammit, moved to Springfield in 1995 to assume the role of General Manager for Carnahan-White Fence Company.

Several steps were taken to remain on top of the fencing market and move it into the future. In 1995, a commercial sales manager was hired to oversee commercial and industrial contracts. Carnahan-White Fence Company transformed their simple iron gate and fencing shop into an award-winning custom gate and ornamental iron facility that has produced original creations and met a growing market niche. The new iron operation, called Ironworks by Carnahan-White, moved to a modern facility that was eight times larger than the previous location. Carnahan-White purchased D & J Automatic Gates in 1998. With this acquisition, Carnahan-White was now able to offer its customers a total gate and fencing products and services.

Stacey and Carrie (Steve White’s daughter) purchased Carnahan-White Fence Company, from Steve in 2001. Even today, the business is still a White family business.

Fence Building For The Future

Springfield MO LocationFrom 1952 to the present, Carnahan-White Fence Company has been a strong company of growth and achievement within the industry. Carnahan-White contributes its longevity and success to the employees who have been with the company for many years. Carnahan-White Fence Company has employees who have worked thirty-six years with the company and among the other 30+ employees, the average number of years of employment is sixteen.

Even though Carnahan-White Fence Company has had and passed its 60th birthday, its long and dynamic history is just the beginning. The 2004 completion of a new facility, located at James River & MM Highways in Springfield, shows how Carnahan-White Fence Company continually strives to improve, build, expand, and keep up-to-date with contemporary demands and the needs of its community, its employees, and its customers.

Professional Associations

Committed to the Future.

Carnahan-White Fence Company continually strives to improve and keep-up-to-date with the demands and needs of its community and customers. To stay abreast of contemporary issues and products, Carnahan-White belongs to a variety of organizations and associations.

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