Building a New Fence vs Repairing an Old One

If your fence is starting to get older and wear down, you may be wondering whether you should repair or replace your fence. Many homeowners begin by considering the cost, but there are many factors you should consider before you make your decision. Today, Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss fence repair versus replacement to help you make the best choice for your fence.

Think About Fence Cost and Utility

Cost – For many people, this is their first concern when deciding what to do with an old fence. While it is true that repairing your fence is cheaper in the short term; there are times when a fence is so degraded that the time, money, and effort required are not worth it. A good rule of thumb is to consider how much of your fence will need to be replaced; if more than a quarter of your panels, posts, and pickets will need to be replaced, it’s probably time to invest in a new fence.

Utility – Maybe your fence simply isn’t performing the job you need it for. Maybe you aren’t getting the privacy you desire, your dog keeps escaping, or it just doesn’t match your desired aesthetic. If your current fence isn’t meeting your needs, replacing it will be much easier than retrofitting your old one. A properly maintained fence can last for decades, so make sure you get a fence you are happy with.

Fence Issues That Can Easily Be Repaired

Depending on the type of fence on your property, there are many issues that you can easily repair. For wood fences that have holes or cracks, you can quickly repair that damage with wood filler or putty. However, this will often result in a discolored patch or panel in your fence, so you will want to consider how often you plan to paint your fence to maintain a uniform fence color.

Some other easy wood fence repairs include:

  • Mold removal
  • Single board replacement
  • Loose or wobbly boards
  • stain removal or re-staining

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Fence Issues That Need Replacement

Often if it is just one or two damaged boards a small section can be replaced, but if you are looking at a significant portion of damaged fence, you might just need to replace everything. Especially if the fence is older, it might cost you more to keep repairing sections only to have other sections start to deteriorate as well.

Some instances that might require complete replacement include:

  • Large portions of rotted wood
  • Sections knocked down by storms
  • Animal damage
  • At least a quarter of the boards splitting or cracking
  • A large portion of warped boards

Vinyl fences are relatively maintenance-free, however, if you do discover a cracked panel you really only have one choice to fix it — replacement. The good news is that you can often simply replace the individual picket, as long as you can find a replacement in the same style and color. If large sections have been damaged — like weather or vehicle damage — it is likely best to consider investing in a new fence.

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