Can Rot Spread From One Fence to Another?

A wooden fence can be the perfect addition to your yard. It provides you with privacy, safety, and a classic look. However, one unfortunate reality of wooden fences is the possibility of rot. Rot is the biggest threat to your wooden fence, so it is important to be informed and prepared in case it shows up. Today, the Carnahan-White team will discuss wood rot, and what you should do if you discover it.

The first step to understanding wood rot is to learn the difference between wet rot and dry rot. Both are caused by fungi that take hold in the pores of the timber. These fungi consume the cellulose of the wood, weakening the fence over time.

Wet rot occurs in damp environments (hence the name) where a fungal species takes hold in the porous surface of your wooden fence. There are a variety of different species that can cause wet rot, but they generally behave the same way.

You can identify wet rot by the fungus growing on the fence. The wood will often feel soft and spongy and have a damp, musty smell.

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Dry rot, on the other hand, occurs when your fence is continually exposed to dry, hot environments. Over time, the protective oils in the wood are dried out, exposing your fence to fungus. This can result in widespread damage to your fence.

The unfortunate reality is that yes, rot can spread from one fence post to another. The fungus spreads by sending out spores that infect the wood around it. If you don’t replace the portions of your fence that are rotting, you can quickly end up with a ruined fence. You may even threaten your neighbor’s fence or vice versa.

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No amount of cleaning or staining will save a rotten fence. Rot is an unfortunate reality of wooden fencing, and if it occurs, you must act fast to save the rest of your fence. A professional fencing team like Carnahan-White can help you find the right course of action for your individual fence needs.

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