Choosing Custom Lighting

While most homes come with your run of the mill, cookie cutter lighting fixtures you may want to step up your design game a couple of notches, consider investing in some custom lighting. High-quality custom lighting can transform a space. This Carnahan-White blog explains the best way to choose your custom light fixtures.

Type of Lighting

From chandelier lighting to sconces, there are so many different types of custom lights you can choose from. What you decide on depends entirely on the style and theme of your home. Make sure to do lots of research and talk to professionals about what they would suggest for your space. You want to make sure your custom piece fits with your décor as it will be a fantastic focal point for the space.

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Ceiling Height

When choosing what type of custom lighting you want you will need to take ceiling height into consideration. You don’t want to be hitting your head on your beautiful custom made chandelier over your dining room table, so make sure you measure and make sure you have space for the custom pieces you want.

The Room

Different rooms in your house require different types of lighting. Some rooms, like the kitchen, will require task lighting so that lights can be focused on high traffic area where specific tasks are being performed. In other areas of your home, all that’s needed is soft, decorative lighting. Before choosing a custom piece make sure that you’re accounting for the kind of activity that will take place in a room and how the lighting needs to adapt to those activities.

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The Décor

You want to make sure that whatever custom piece you choose for your home fits the overall theme and décor of the space. The best thing about custom work is that you get to work with a designer who will be able to create a piece that fits the space like a glove.

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