Carnahan-White Discusses Fence Considerations for Big Dogs

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Dogs and fences go hand in hand, especially if you live in a neighborhood. If you are considering getting a dog, especially a large breed dog, there are things to keep in mind regarding fencing. In today’s blog, Carnahan-White looks at some things to consider when it comes to fencing for large breed dogs.

Big Dogs are Big Jumpers

A four-foot high fence is probably not high enough to deter a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever or a Labrador. If you have a large athletic dog, you should consider five or even six foot tall fencing. For most breeds, six feet is sufficient. Some dog owners opt for adding extensions to make their existing fence higher. Be careful with this, as dogs will sometimes learn to jump incrementally higher as the fence grows. If you are getting a large dog and you have an existing low fence, consider replacing it with a six foot or higher fence.

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Dogs are Good Climbers

One of the reasons we love dogs so much is because they are clever. Often, when a dog realizes he can’t jump a fence, he’ll look for a way to climb. When choosing a fence for your large dog, it’s crucial to choose a design that is climb-proof. Chain link fences provide wonderful foot (paw) holds and are not a good idea for a climber. A solid panel fence is great climbing prevention, as there is nowhere for your dog to stick his paws. Once you’ve installed your climb-proof fence, be sure there is no place for the dog to give himself a boost. Avoid putting your dog house — or anything else your dog can climb — alongside the fence.

Give Your Dog Some Privacy

If you’ve spent any time around dogs, you know they aren’t shy, so the privacy considerations are more for what is on the opposite side of the fence from the dog. A solid panel privacy fence prevents your dog from seeing what’s on the other side. If your dog can’t see the squirrels, birds, or other dogs walking past, they’ll be less obsessed with escaping.

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Try to Keep Your Dog From Wanting to Escape

Boredom is a major reason dogs try to escape. If you have a large breed that requires a lot of physical and mental exercise, a fence will only fix a symptom of the problem. Many dogs just don’t get enough mental or physical stimulation cooped up in a backyard. So provide your dog with appropriate toys and other sources of entertainment, so they will be happy at home in your yard.

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