Carnahan-White Explains the World’s Most Amazing Fences

The phrase “Good fences make good neighbors” was coined by Robert Frost in 1914. We think he was talking about fences throughout all of human history. Today’s blog from Carnahan-White Fence Company showcases the most fantastic fences in the world today, from the longest one to some ancient ones!

Longest Fence Still in Use

Do you have six months of free time to just walk around the entire length of a fence? That’s how long you’d need to circumnavigate the dingo fence in Southeast Australia. Designed to keep wild dingo dogs away from sheepherding lands, the dingo fence stretches more than 3,000 miles along the edge of Outback. It was built between 1880 and 1885, and the dingo fence costs $750,000 a year to maintain! The dingo fence is long enough to stretch from New York to London.  

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Perhaps the Oldest Fence in Europe

Hadrian’s Wall in Great Britain was built by the Romans starting in 122 A.D. to fortify their claims in Britannia, which is modern-day England. It’s a stone wall that stretched 73 miles along the modern-day border between England and Scotland. Along the wall there were 80 small forts, 17 larger forts, and many observation towers as part of an active military line for more than 250 years until the Romans abandoned Britain altogether. The wall reached as high as 19 feet in some places and up to 10 feet deep. Many portions of the wall still exist today, though most of them are just a few feet tall. Carnahan-White notes that Hadrian’s Wall wouldn’t be very effective today.

Great Wall of China

Imagine building a fence for more than a thousand miles! Perhaps more impressive than Hadrian’s Wall is the Great Wall of China. It took hundreds of years for China to build the wall, designed to keep the Mongols in the north at bay. The entire wall was once more than 13,000 miles long! The most popular section ran more than 5,500 miles between Hushan and the Jiayuguan Pass. The wall’s height goes from 15 feet to 39 feet, and some sections are 32 feet thick. The Great Wall is sturdy, with much of the existing portions made of stone and brick while still allowing people to walk on them. The wall began construction in 600 B.C, and Chinese emperors continued to build it up until the mid-1600s.

Oldest Fence in New York City

Carnahan-White prides itself on ironwork fences that last for decades. Some of our fences may last for centuries. All we have to do is look to the example of the wrought iron fence surrounding New York City’s original Bowling Green. The fence was built in 1771 to protect the property from vandalism, specifically a statue of King George III erected there to commemorate the British victory of France in the Seven Years War. The fence is still in use today, and you can see plenty of historical markers there near the famous bull statue along Wall Street. 

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