Carnahan-White Fence Company Discusses the Best Times of Year for Fence Installation

Carnahan-White Fence Company specializes in all kinds of fences. From stylish wooden privacy fences and sturdy ironworks to security fences and masonry accents. In today’s blog from Carnahan-White, we discuss the best times of the year for a fence installation. 

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Spring and summer represent the peak of busy times for fence companies like Carnahan-White. The weather is warmer. Property owners are thinking about spring cleaning, upgrading to their property, and getting outdoors after three months of winter cold. 

Autumn is filled with back-to-school, family gatherings, and a downturn in the busy times for contractors, including fence installers at Carnahan-White. It’s also the perfect time to invest in a new fence for your property. Wooden privacy fences are still trendy, while iron fences offer stouter security.


Believe it or not, winter offers the perfect opportunity for fence installation. Looking to give a huge present for the winter holidays? Why not consider a new fence from Carnahan-White! There are some considerations for winter-weather installations, such as keeping concrete warm enough so it can cure properly. Luckily, the fence experts at Carnahan-White can handle cold weather to make sure everything is secure and that your fence lasts a lifetime. 

You Might Save Money on Materials

Fence installers purchase supplies and materials for their busy season. You might be able to save some money on materials for the fence because installers may have a surplus of wood on hand. 

Season and Condition the Wood on Privacy Fences

Fall and winter are better for wood. High heat and humidity, as well as direct sunlight, aren’t good for wood. Fall and winter help season the wood so it can withstand the elements for longer periods of time. Cooler temps allow the wood to more readily take in stain and sealants, preserving the wood even more.  Your investment could last longer when Carnahan-White installs your fence in the fall or winter.

How to Approach Fall and Winter Installations

When the weather is warm and you’re dreaming of a new fence, it’s time to do your research. Look over the different types of fence styles, how much fencing you might need, and various fence companies in the area. 

Then it’s time to reach out for bids and quotes. Think about what you get for a certain price when a company quotes you. Planning for a fence installation during the spring and summer allows you to plan for the finances involved with a new fence.

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