How to Choose Dining Room Lighting

The dining room is a place to gather and spend time with friends and family. It is a space that you want to make sure feels cozy and put together. Lighting is an important part of creating an ambient space where you can enjoy spending time. This Carnahan-White blog gives you tips for how to choose the right lighting for your space!

Consider the Style of the Room

Light fixtures draw the eye, so make sure you choose a piece that can stand out as a focal point or blends seamlessly in with the other decor. Custom lighting is always a great way to ensure that your lighting fits the style and personality of the room it’s in.

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Consider The Style Of The Table

The dining room table is the central piece of furniture in your dining room. Everything centers around the placement and style of the table. So, when you’re choosing what kind of light fixtures to use in the space, make sure that they fit with the table. This means you need to take into account things like the size, height, and style of the table.

Consider The Size Of The Room

You don’t want to get a lighting piece that is too big or too small for the room. As lighting fixtures tend to create a focal point in your decor, it is important that they not only fight the tone and decor of the room but that they are also the appropriate size so that they don’t look odd in the space.

Consider The Brightness

When choosing what type of lighting it’s important to consider how bright you want the room to be. If you want the lighting to be a little more ambient make sure to take that into account. Maybe get lights that have coverings and use bulbs with a lower wattage. If you want it to be bright, consider using higher wattage bulbs and make sure the bulbs are unobstructed so they can spread there light around without hindrance.

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Let Carnahan-White Custom Design Your Light Fixture!

At Carnahan-White we have a team of expert craftsmen who can help design the perfect custom light fixture for your space. We will partner with you to ensure that we create a piece that will fit your exact desires and make your space look incredible. Get a free quote on our website today!