How to Decorate With a Custom Chandelier

Chandeliers have a way of instantly making a room feel elegant. In our blog, we outline some of our best tips for implementing a chandelier into the decor of your home. Read on to learn more!

Make Sure to Choose The Right Size

It is important to consider size when it comes to implementing a chandelier into your decor. You have to take both the size of the space and the chandelier itself into account. If the chandelier is either too big or small for the space, it will throw off the feel of the entire room. So, make sure you take this into account before you make any purchases.

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Hang It Somewhere Unconventional

Though you can choose to hang it somewhere traditional like a foyer or dining room, you can also choose to go a more unconventional route. Perhaps you’re hoping to turn your bathroom into a master suite oasis and a chandelier would be the perfect dash of elegance. Consider adding a more youthful chandelier to your child’s room – perhaps something that comes in a bright or pastel color. You don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to decorating your home!

Make It The Focal Point In The Room

A chandelier is a perfect focal point for any room. It’s always good to have a decor element to build the decor of the room around. A chandelier is often ornate and definitely draws eyes. So, use that as the piece around which to style the rest of your room.

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Make Sure The Style Fits Your Decor

Because it acts as a decorative focal point, it is important to make sure that the chandelier matches the overall style of the home. If you have a more modern home, you don’t want to get a very baroque chandelier. An excellent way to ensure the chandelier fits your style is to have it custom made.

Get A Custom Chandelier From Carnahan-White

If you are interested in a custom chandelier to enhance the style of your home, hire Carnahan-White. Our expert craftsmen will be able to work with you to create the decor focal point of your dreams. Get a free quote on our website today!