CCTV Systems

At Carnahan-White Fence Co., we provide more than just beautiful fencing options for your commercial and residential property. Our goal is to offer our customers safe options that keep their properties secure at all times. With a closed-circuit TV system from us, you can rest easy that your home and business are protected when it’s most important.

With a CCTV system, there are several elements that are all directly connected. These may include recording devices, display monitors, and cameras that transmit video that can only be picked up by another component of the system. These systems are often used as simple security cameras that give property owners and managers peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Why Invest In a Closed-Circuit TV System?

Before you make an investment in a security system, you should be confident that you will receive the return that you desire. While just being able to constantly monitor your property is a benefit in and of itself, there are many additional benefits:

  • Deters criminal activity on commercial and residential properties
  • May decrease home insurance rates
  • Offers confidence that the things most important to you are safe and protected

Research suggests that the presence of a digital CCTV system may decrease crime in public areas by seven percent at the lowest. Even the presence of a camera is often enough to send a trespasser running the opposite way.

At Carnahan-White Fence Co., we offer both digital and analog CCTV systems. While analog systems record activity, often to a videotape, they are primarily used when future access to the tapes is required. Digital CCTV systems provide a real-time look at what is happening on your property. Our professionals are happy to discuss the benefits and investments involved with both types of closed-circuit TV systems to determine which is right for your needs.

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