Cleaning Your Fireplace Screen the Right Way

Fireplace screens are critical for the safety and effectiveness of your home fireplace. However, many homeowners forget that fireplace screens need regular cleaning. In today’s blog, Carnahan-White will walk you through the process of caring for your fireplace screen.

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If your fireplace screen hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned, there may be a build-up of soot and ash. To prevent a mess, place newspaper or towels down in case soot should fall out. Fireplace screens are relatively simple to remove. If they aren’t attached to your fireplace, they can easily be removed by pulling or sliding them out of their location. After you’ve successfully removed the screen, place it on the newspaper or towels to prevent any soot spillage before you make your way outside.

It is relatively easy to deep clean your fireplace screen. Use a metal bristle brush to clean off any soot still remaining on the screen. Make sure to be gentle with metal brushes because they can potentially damage the mesh. If your screen is glass, start by wiping off built-up residue. When you believe all the caked on stains and substances are removed, soak the screen in warm sudsy water and start scrubbing with a sponge or washcloth.

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When your fireplace screen is clean, dry it with a cloth or set it out to air-dry. This may not seem like an important step in the cleaning process, but it prevents water from leaking into your fireplace and nearby surfaces. A quick wipe down with a clean cloth will help ensure your fireplace screen is ready to reinstall.

Once your fireplace screen is clean, go back to your fireplace and install it where it was before. Then you’re done! While this process is not something that has to be done daily, cleaning your fireplace screen is a task that should be done every few months during seasons when your fireplace is in use.

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Carnahan-White believes that a fireplace should be the focal point of your living room. An elegant fireplace can alter the entire atmosphere of a space and take it to a new level. Whatever the style of your room, the professionals at Carnahan-White Fence Company will work with you to create a custom fireplace screen that is perfect for your room. Contact us today or call 417-883-0733 to get a quote for your project.