Creating the Ideal Security Gate for Your Gated Community

If you manage a residential community, you may have had residents ask for a security gate. As communities look for more ways to make their homes safe and secure, security gates are seen as less of a luxury and more of a necessity. There are many incredible benefits a security gate can offer your community. Today, the expert team at Carnahan-White Fence Company will explain how gated communities have seen such a massive increase in popularity and the many benefits they offer. 

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Additional Security

First and foremost, a security gate at your community entrance offers a level of security that is otherwise unattainable. With control of who gets in and out, a security gate provides your community members with a sense of safety and peace of mind. Potential burglars and vandals and dissuaded from even attempting to cause trouble in a gated community.

Slower Vehicle Speeds

One common problem residential communities often deal with is reckless vehicles turning from a busy road into the community streets and driving recklessly or too fast. An entry gate requires drivers to stop and slow down before they enter. This helps to regulate vehicle speed, thereby protecting community pedestrians.

A Sense of Community

Members of a gated community quickly become aware of who lives in the community and who doesn’t. As the coming and goings are controlled (and often monitored), members quickly realize when a stranger enters the community and can assess what they are doing there. These communities work together to ensure that everyone in the community stays safe and secure.

Higher Property Values

A common characteristic of communities that add a security gate is a steady increase in property value. Thanks to homeowners associations, limited space, and neighborhood codes, homes with a security gate are a great investment for all of the community residents.

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