Ironworks by Carnahan-White


Setting the Standard of Excellence 

Carnahan-White has always been involved in metal fencing. In fact, Carnahan-White began as an aluminum foundry. The foundry was separated from the company in the late 1960s, but the production and installation of iron fencing continued until the late 1970s, when Carnahan-White focused on other types of fencing.

Iron forging and fencing again took a prominent role in the company when Stacy Hammit became General Manager of Carnahan-White Fence Company in 1995. Ironworks by Carnahan-White’s ornamental fencing now sets the standard for beauty and quality in southwest Missouri. However, Stacey had plans beyond iron fencing.

Ornamental ironwork has been popular since man has been able to forge it. Today, ornamental iron is in great demand, continuing the surge in popularity from the 1990s. Stacey recognized this trend and intended to garner this growing market.

Stacey staffed Ironworks by Carnahan-White with experienced, talented metal workers and painters. Stacey also hired Master Blacksmith Phil Ancipink. Phil’s creations grace many of the homes and businesses of Southwest Missouri. His unique, yet classic designs are prized by all who own them and often coveted by those who see them.

Phil continues to expand the range ornamental items available through Ironworks by Carnahan-White, while maintaining steady and quality production of the best iron fencing found anywhere.