Decorative Steel Fence


Ornamental steel is available as prefabricated fencing for residential, commercial and industrial use. These steel fences give the yard of any residence or business the character of wrought iron, the flexibility of vinyl, and the easy care of aluminum, but with the combination of strength, beauty and durability which only steel can achieve.

Opting for a Carnahan-White Fence Company steel fence will allow you to attain the timeless look of the more exclusive wrought iron, without the difficulty, welding skills, and additional labor expenses needed to build and fabricate a wrought iron fence. Whether you require a fence for your perimeter, your pool, or for commercial and business applications, Carnahan-White will provide a virtually maintenance free but cost-effective solution.

The strength of steel cannot be overlooked: a welded steel fence panel can absorb four times the impact which a lighter aluminum panel can endure.White Ornamental Steel Fence

Steel fences can more easily weather — and even outlast — landscape grade changes. So should your yard undergo updates and transformations, a steel fence will be a good candidate for your landscaping needs. In addition, steel fences are virtually maintenance-free. Finished with a special coat to furnish additional protection for the metal, your fence will be able to withstand the elements for years to come.

Even though prefabricated ornamental steel is limited to the styles and colors available from the manufacturer, that does not mean that we cannot work with you to create the perfect steel fence for your taste and needs. Simple installation, attractive results, and affordable pricing make Carnahan-White ornamental steel fencing an ideal choice for your home and commercial applications.