Decorative Iron and Aluminum Fences

Only Top Quality Materials Make Top Quality Fences

With a variety of choices on the market today, it seems many homeowners and business owners are confusing prefabricated steel fencing with ornamental iron fencing. As a business that offers both, Ironworks by Carnahan-White is ready to help put the record straight. Let’s be clear: Not all fencing is the same, prefabricated or not. Customers don’t have to worry when they work with us. Whether we make it by hand or a factory makes it, our clients receive only the highest-quality materials. We carry premium pre fabricated steel and aluminum fences, installed by experienced crew members.

Prefabricated Vs. Custom Fences

There is nothing wrong with prefabricated fencing, and we’ll be the first to suggest you use it for certain projects if we think it will save you money or your project doesn’t require that personal touch. It is factory-produced with metals of differing qualities and is typically available in a handful of different styles.

Custom iron work opens a world of possibilities in ornamentation to make every iron fence as unique as its owner. Ironworks by Carnahan-White is the premier provider of custom iron and aluminum fences in southwest Missouri and surrounding areas. Our fences are hand-forged by master craftsmen with many years of experience and an artistic flair.

Special Layouts

You may need a custom iron fence if you have intricate landscaping that requires special layouts. We regularly work on projects that include radius lines, swooping curves, and steps over and down retaining walls and patios. We have worked with an array of clients, each with specific needs, from private homes and schools to retail businesses, state parks, horse breeders and much more.

If your project has special needs, Ironworks by Carnahan-White is uniquely qualified to meet them. Along with our talented designers, our installers are highly trained and experienced in working with many different projects in many different spaces. Contact our office for a consultation and to explore the possibilities.