Viking Swing Gate Operator

Compatible with Viking wireless products

  • Wireless Master/Slave Kit provides secure and reliable wireless communication
  • Remote access to the control board settings, programming, operator diagnostics, controls, gate status, and error notifications, all from the convenience of a computer or any compatible handheld device.
  • Plug $ Play connection for the “Viking Cell” add-on

Battery Backup

  • Standard Battery Backup provides 100 continuous cycles at 100% duty cycle
  • With Viking’s “True” Battery Backup System, batteries are not used during normal operations, maximizing battery life.

Lightning Protection

  • Advanced lightning strike protection up to 20,000 volts / 10,000 amps,
  • On board surge protection monitoring


  • Powder coating on aluminum alloy chassis provides long lasting protection against corrosion.

Manual Release

  • Electronic Switch for manual release allows for easy manual operation


  • Strong and powerful design capable of handling up to 200lns or 18’ long gates

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