Door King 1500 KeypadDKS 1500 Series Keypads

Provide access control for virtually any application where stand-alone digital code entry is desired.

These vandal resistant keypads use stainless steel faceplates, galvanized steel sub-plates and are housed in a rugged steel cabinet. Standard style units can be surface or post mounted and flush mount units are designed to be recessed into a wall or column. The “1504 series” adds an intercom sub-station that can be connected to a master intercom system.

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  • Condominium/RESIDENTS HALLS • GATED COMMUNITIESProximity card readers for access control
  • Full line proximity card readers and cards
  • Mullion, wall and post mount models
  • Read ranges from 2-inches up to 30-inches (50.8mm to 76.2cm)
  • 5 year limited factory warranty

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Linear AK 11 Keypad for access controlWith so many keypads, Linear makes it easy to build single entry point systems.

Linear’s digital keyless entry systems are designed for single entry point access control applications. These keypads are typically used to activate automatic gates, electric door strikes, magnetic door locks, and solenoid locks.

Access is granted to authorized personnel by entering an assigned code on the keypad.

Each keypad features courtesy lighting that illuminates the keypad during use (not available on the AK-31). The lighting is provided by long-life solid state white LEDs (except on the AK-11 and the AKR-1, which have incandescent lighting with an automotive grade bulb). The duration of the courtesy lighting is programmable.

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