Designing the Perfect Backyard BBQ Spot

Senior couple having BBQ in their backyard

It’s never too early to begin to design the perfect backyard BBQ at your home. Though it may be cold today, you can start the planning process right away so you can take advantage of your new backyard as soon as spring rolls around. The backyard BBQ is an iconic place in any home, and one of the best ways to host friends and family. Today Carnahan-White will discuss a few must-have BBQ features any grillmaster should consider when designing their backyard.

First Choose the Location

Planning your BBQ spot requires a few decisions before you begin. Where exactly do you want to place your grill/seating/shade/etc? Some people like to create a separate BBQ oasis away from their homes. You can create an overhead shelter with a free-standing pavilion or pergola. Another option is to place your BBQ area right beside your home. For homeowners with an attached deck or patio, this is generally the easiest option. 

Whichever you decide is best for your home, be sure to keep your grill far enough away to avoid potential fire or smoke damage. You also will want to clear away vegetation or low-hanging branches from your grill area.

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Create Clear Sightlines Between Your Home and the Grill

It is a good idea to have a good view of your BBQ area from the interior of your home. Clear sightlines will allow you to monitor the grill while inside. Stay safe and consider visibility as you design your BBQ area.

Create a Private Oasis

A privacy fence will not only give your family and your visitors a sense of privacy, but it can also help to block winds while you grill. Your friends will feel more comfortable letting loose and enjoying your company with a bit of privacy. As such, a privacy fence is one of the most important investments for a fun backyard environment.

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If you don’t have a privacy fence in your backyard, Carnahan-White Fence Company can help. Our team has designed, built, and installed hundreds of residential and commercial fences across Southwest Missouri. We are always happy to help the people of Springfield achieve their dream backyard. Contact our team today for a free fencing consultation for your property.