Different Styles of Privacy Fences

Carnahan-White believes in creating the best possible fences and ironworks for your home or business. Beautiful privacy fences are a staple in the Ozarks, and we take pride in making every single fence something you can be proud of. In today’s blog from Carnahan-White, we showcase the different styles of privacy fences we can build for you.

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A dog-eared style is probably the typical image that comes to mind when you think of a privacy fence. We place wooden planks next to each other to create the tiniest of slivers in between them. The top of each plank has a three-sided shape, with one long side on top and two shorter lengths angling down on either side of the long one. The top of the fence stays the same height, although we may adjust the bottom of the planks for any elevation changes on your property.


Convex privacy fences have a bit more artistry to them. Our team places boards side by side like the dog-eared privacy fence. Only this time, we alter the height of the boards to make a wave pattern. We can place the boards adjacent to each other, leave a slight gap, or create a shadowbox pattern.


Shadowbox privacy fences represent the most popular design choice among homeowners today. We install planks on either side of a central rail to create an overlapping pattern that looks identical on both sides of the fence. Carnahan-White places boards close enough together to make a direct view into your yard impossible. Because there is some separation due to the central rail, breezes can come through your yard at an angle. 


If you’re security-minded, a stockade privacy fence combines aesthetics and security. The top of each plank has a sharp, pointy top to discourage climbers. Gothic-point fence boards downplay the security aspect of the fence and give it a more appealing look.

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