Fence Maintenance FAQs

Carnahan-White designs various fences catered to craftsmanship and protection. As a trusted provider, we’ve serviced the Springfield, MO, area for over a decade. We specialize in security, residential fences, commercial ironwork, and more. In this guide, we answer your questions and concerns about fencing maintenance. 


What is the Best Way to Maintain an Outdoor Fence? 

Outdoor fences are built to last and offer long-term protection and privacy. Depending on the type of fence you own, you can do things to keep it in good condition for many years. Whether you have a chain-link, wooden, or aluminum fence, pressure washing is the easiest to keep your fence looking clean and well-maintained. 


Pressure washing eliminates dirt, grime, and bacteria that can collect on your fence. After pressure washing, apply a protective coating or fence brightener every couple of years. 


What Fence Requires the Least Amount of Maintenance? 


Vinyl fences are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. They are an excellent option for your home or business. A vinyl fence offers a low-maintenance barrier that is easy to care for and does not rot, splinter, or peel over time. Vinyl fences are cost-effective without the need to sand, stain, or paint every few years. 


What is the Strongest Type of Fencing?


The two strongest types of fencing are steel and aluminum. Steel, also known as ironworks, is the most expensive, but it is worth the expense due to its durability. Aluminum is cheaper and has a lower durability level but is resistant to environmental factors like winds, rain, and hail that could damage other fences like vinyl or wood. 


Do Fences Need Treating?


Fences are often neglected when it comes to home maintenance, but ignoring them can lead to problems in the future. Treating your fence with a waterproof or finishing agent will protect it from wear and tear. Untreated fences will need a preservative applied every two years to prevent insects, bacteria, and dirt build-up. 


How Do You Treat a New Fence?


To treat a new fence, you can use a weatherproof stain or a sealant. Either option is ideal for a wooden fence or fence that requires treatment. After power-washing your fence, wait until it dries and applies your protective solution. 


What is the Best Fence Paint for a Wooden Fence?


Many homeowners agree acrylic latex paint is the best option for a wooden fence. This acrylic paint creates a moisturizing barrier to protect your fence from rain, hail, sprinkler systems, and other harmful water sources.  


What Can I Do to Prevent Rust and Corrosion on My Fence? 


If you want to prevent the effects of rust and corrosion on your fence, try these solutions: 


  • Powerwash your fence: to avoid dirt and grime build-up from scraping your fence
  • Add a protective agent: waterproof sealant or staining product.
  • Use fence paint: fence paint acts as a preservative solution and prevents rusting if you own a metal fence.
  • Remove any noticeable rust: you can save your fence by catching rust spots early on. Use sandpaper or steel wool to stop rust before it spreads. 


How Do I Stop My Fence Panels From Blowing Out? 


One way to stop your fence panels from blowing out is by attaching strips of wood to the front end of the panel and extending it into the post. From there, you can blend in the strips by painting the area. 


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How Do You Fix a Broken Fence?


If you have a broken fence and want to fix it yourself, it is possible for most minor repairs, like a panel that has fallen off. If a panel has come detached, you can simply reattach it with new nails.


Some simple fixes you can do yourself include:

  • Reattaching fallen panels
  • Replacing a broken or rotted panel
  • Replacing nails or hinges that have come loose
  • Hammering a panel back into the ground


If you have major sections of the fence that are missing, rotted or have been severely damaged by a storm, you will likely need a professional. Carnahan-White has a team of experts who can offer fencing repairs, installation, and consultation for our customers. 


How Do You Get Rid of Green on Your Fence? 


If your fence is turning green, there may be algae present. Some solutions include using bleach and scrubbing the containment away, sanding and priming the area, or power washing. If the algae remains, contact a fencing professional for help. 


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