Basketball Court Fencing and Design

While basketball courts are designed to be open, they can still be enclosed with premium basketball court fencing and design. Carnahan-White Fence Company has plenty of professional experience when it comes to building fences for basketball courts for homes as well as public municipal spaces. Just let us know what you’ve got in mind and your reasons for wanting a fence and let us show you your many options.

Winning Experience That Takes It to the Hoop

Just as there are different basketball court designs based on the specific space, we have experience installing basketball court fences for different purposes, some of which include:

  •      Subdivisions
  •      Homeowners/Individuals
  •      Developers

We can install fences for either an outdoor court with complete striping and the goal, or just for the goal system by itself. Either type of job is done with trustworthy products and techniques that deliver sterling and lasting results.

We Have Basketball Goals, Too

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If you don’t yet have a basketball goal for your property, not to worry, because we have those as well. With our goals, you can easily raise or lower the height of the rim to your specific preferences. If you give us the honor of providing you with your basketball goal, know that it comes with a fortified acrylic backboard and steel frame, both of which are to better ensure your goal lasts for as long as possible. Know that we only trust the experts of Goalsetter Systems to provide our customers with premium basketball products.

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