Chain Link Fence

With a wide range of practical, cost-effective choices suitable for both residential and commercial projects, Carnahan-White chain link fences are top-of-the-line when it comes to superior quality, quick installation, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to say that we only carry chain link that has been galvanized after weaving. This means that unlike other options which rely on sprayed-on coating, the extra care and attention paid to the coating causes our fences to regularly out-perform other brands.

Longer Lasting Chain Link Fence

In addition to providing longer-lasting chain-link, the pipes which we use for posts are made from a thicker grade of steel and hot-dipped in molten zinc, making the zinc level significantly higher than standard, mass-galvanized options. What does this mean for you? It means that a Carnahan-White fence is a far more durable and more rust resistant product, giving your chain link fence more strength, rigidity, and years of dependable service.

Variety for Every Taste

While at first glance, you might think that all chain link fences are alike, there are a variety of choices and options available to customize a fence for your unique needs. Are you looking for a lightweight separation between your backyard and your neighbor’s? Perhaps you require a tall, heavy-duty barrier to keep your business secure? Whether you are interested in a light or heavy gauge, privacy slats, windscreens, barbed wire, or razor wire, Carnahan-White Fence Company has a plethora of additions and options for your fence.

Vinyl Options

Less interested in barbed wire and more interested in the beauty of your yard? There are choices for you, too! Our chain link fence comes in colored vinyl-coated systems. This product can make the traditional chain link fence more attractive, and is readily available in black, brown and green. Looking for something a tad more unique? Carnahan-White can special order a number of colors just for you. With a bit of an extension on your lead time, we can provide you with a fence in gray, blue, beige, orange, yellow, red, white, tan, or desert sand.


Don’t forget about the gate. Our experienced craftsmen and suppliers can create many kinds of gates, from the most common swing gate, to cantilever slide gates, and even overhead track gates. Add the finishing touch on your fence, and know that you’re receiving the very highest quality of installation project. Not only that, but at Carnahan-White, we back up our promise with our one year craftsmanship warranty, as well as all applicable material warranties.