Privacy Fence Construction

While fences make for great decorative additions to the exterior of your property, you might be more focused on making your home or business a more private space. Carnahan-White Fence Company specializes in private fences that look great while giving you the privacy you desire. Our fences are available in a variety of materials and designs, ensuring you have just the final product you see in your mind.

Where Style, Safety and Functionality Intersect

We see no reason for you to compromise when it comes to your new fence, which is why we go above and beyond to provide you a variety of options that run the gamut from wood privacy fences to vinyl privacy fences. Besides general privacy, there are a few additional benefits of this particular type of fence, such as:

  •      Boosting Your Property Value: You aren’t the only one who enjoys a bit of privacy, and adding a privacy fence to your home could be a great (and cost-efficient) way to boost your home’s overall value.
  •      Defining Property Lines: Yet another great thing about privacy fences is the fact that they clearly provide a visual layout of your property, leaving no doubt as to where your neighbors should stop cutting the grass or where they should position their own fence.
  •      Block Noise: Depending on your neighborhood, erecting a tall fence can go a long way in blocking blaring music, barking, zooming cars and any other type of noise pollution that can keep you from enjoying some peace and quiet.
  •      Protection for Your Water Feature: If you have a fountain, pool or another type of water feature on your property, a tall fence proves a massive help in making sure neighborhood animals and children don’t take a dip without your knowledge, something that can help prevent you from being hit with a lawsuit.

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