Five Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Privacy Fence

If you own a home and you have kids or pets, a privacy fence is very important. As you look for the right fence, it’s crucial to be fully informed of your options. In today’s blog post, Carnahan-White Fence Company will give you five things to know before installing your privacy fence.

A common mistake made during the fence installation process is not knowing your property line. Before you begin the fence installation process, it’s important that you do your due diligence and find out exactly where your property begins and where it ends. Nobody wants unhappy neighbors, so avoid accidentally building your fence on a neighbor’s property.

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If you are building a privacy fence, regardless of whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional service, you need to find out what your zoning codes are and check the HOA regulations of your city. In some cases, privacy fences are not allowed in your area, and if they are, they might have a height limit or other restrictions. If you aren’t sure, go to your city government and check if fencing is allowed in your area and if a fence-building permit is necessary.

Once you are approved to build a fence and you know all of your property lines and regulations, the next step is to decide what style and features you are looking for in a fence. Have a clear idea of what kind of fence you want before you begin the building process. This will make the fence installation process easier on you and easier on the professionals you hire.

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While installing a privacy fence might seem like a do-it-yourself job, it is much harder than it looks. If possible, you should let a professional fencing company like Carnahan-White Fence Company do the work for you.

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