How to Camouflage Your Fence With Plants and Shrubbery

A fence is a fantastic design element and functional benefit to any property. However, it is also true that some fences can benefit from some visual softening. One way to create a natural look on your property is to “camouflage” your fence with plants and shrubbery. Learn about fence camouflage with the expert team at Carnahan-White Fence Company.

Consider Your Style of Fence

Depending on the style of the fence on your property, different actions may need to be taken. For a fence that is functional rather than visual, like a chain-link fence, you may want to design your landscape to hide the fence completely. For an iron ornamental fence or white picket fence, you may simply want to soften the look with a few accessory plants.

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Consider Your Existing Landscape

If you already feature plant life in your yard, any additions to your fence area should coordinate with your landscape. For instance, say you have a flower garden with black-eyed susans, a staple flower in Missouri. Transplant some of your flowers to the edges along your fence line to create a cohesive aesthetic plan.

Maybe you have a very neat, clean landscape. You take pride in your freshly cut lawn and neatly trimmed walkway. A uniform hedge could be an excellent addition to your fence line. This will maintain the neat, clean look of your yard while concealing your fence. 

Consider Upgrading Your Fence

While most of us have a fence for the many utility benefits they offer, eventually you may want to upgrade to a more visually pleasing fence. Most people who are interested in camouflaging their fence have a chain-link fence that they feel is unsightly. Instead of hiding it, install a beautiful new fence that can be the centerpiece of your yard. Ornamental iron fences, vinyl fences, and wood fences can improve the curb appeal of your home, while still offering the utility of a chain-link fence.

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