How We Can Install A Privacy Fence on a Sloped Property

Creating your dream backyard is labor-intensive, but worthwhile undertaking. The decision to install a privacy fence is a significant decision to make. Our experts at Carnahan-White want your endeavors to be successful, so you can reap the benefits of your hard work. In today’s blog, our fence installation experts will cover how we install privacy fences in sloped yards.. 

How Intense Is the Slope?

When installing a fence on a slop, it’s important to consider the incline. Our staff determines how steep the slope is before making suggestions for the style of fence for the installation. We can go with a classic flatline fence where all the posts are evenly spaced, or the stair-stepped fence where it looks like portions of the fence gradually rise or lower. Finally, we can go with a racked fence, which looks like one smooth line descending into the ground.

Do I Have Major Dips In My Yard?

Major dips in the ground near where we place the fence will determine whether or not our staff fills the hole. If needed, we custom-cut fence posts to fit the hole rather than digging deeper. 

Do I Want A Stair-Stepped or Racked Fence?

You can decide to either stair-step or rack the fence. If there are holes that would exist underneath the fence, it is important to consider the racked privacy fence. This is especially important for families with small pets. Having a racked fence would result in holes being filled and pets staying on the right side of the fence. Plus there might be a more cohesive look when the holes are filled in. 

Carnahan-White & Sloped Fences

If you have any questions about how we handle installing a privacy fence on sloped land, we will answer them! We look forward to connecting with you.  Contact Carnahan-White or call 417-883-0733 to talk to us about what you envision for your place.