Landscaping Tips for Mowing Around a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is an incredible addition to any property or yard. Not only does it improve the appearance of the property, but it also provides a boundary around the yard.  A privacy fence keeps unwanted visitors out and children and pets in.

However, some challenges come with owning a privacy fence. Perhaps the most difficult thing to deal with is mowing your lawn. Mowing around a privacy fence can easily damage your fence, or leave a ring of uncut grass around the edge of your lawn. To help avoid this problem, Carnahan-White Fence Company has gathered a few landscaping tips you can use to help make mowing around your fence easier.

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Landscape Tips for Homes With a Privacy Fence

There are several landscaping options you can use to make it easier to mow your yard without risking damage to your fence.

A Pavement Barrier

One of the most effective means of making your life easier with a privacy fence is to place a barrier between the edge of your lawn and your fence.

For example, some homeowners run pavement between their fence and their lawn. If you set your mower to the correct height, you will be able to mow over the pavement to get a clean, sharp edge to your lawn without getting too close to the fence.

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Another option is to mulch the edges around your yard or install a garden around the sides of your yard. Not only does this allow you to mow to the very edge of your lawn, but it looks beautiful as well. You can further personalize your yard with the shrubs and flowers you plant in this area. Or opt for tall, uniform evergreen trees — such as the Green Giant Thuja — to further enhance the privacy of your yard.

Use a Weed Trimmer

If a lawn border isn’t an option or you don’t like the appearance, consider investing in a weed eater. While it isn’t recommended to use a weed eater directly against a fence, as you could damage the wood or vinyl, you can get much closer than a standard mower can. Or you can install aluminum tips to the bottom of your fence to protect the material from your weed eater, allowing you to trim the lawn directly up to the fence.

Blow Grass Away From the Fence

When you do use the mower it is smart to make a few laps around the outside with the grass blower pointed away from the fence. The will blow the excess cut grass toward the center of the yard instead of the base of your fence where it can build up and cause staining. It will also keep you from throwing any rocks, sticks, or small debris toward the fence and leaving any cracks or marks.

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