Making Your Yard More Private

When the sun is out and temperatures warm up, it’s time to enjoy that backyard you have and get some sun. Your backyard should serve as your oasis away from everything, so read these tips from Carnahan-White for simple ways you can add privacy to your yard.

Adding Shrubbery & Plants

Hedges and greenery can make a yard feel fresh, natural, and new. Living fences and barriers are popular because you can grow them to any desired height that you wish. While plants require maintenance such as weeding and trimming, they offer a great blend of landscaping and privacy.

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Hang Drapes

Curtains can be just as useful outside your home as inside. If you have a deck or back patio, hanging drapes or curtains is an alternative way to hide your backyard from view and make it feel more like an outdoor room. Hanging curtains can be difficult if you don’t have supports to hang them on. Be sure you’re able to hang them on something like a pergola, deck beams, or other support.

Add A Pergola

While pergolas don’t necessarily have walls, the columns and beams can still provide enough of a barrier to give you some privacy. If you’re looking for even more privacy protection, a living pergola is also an option for you. While these still contain wooden supports, greenery like moss would be added to the beams and grow from the top down. Neighbors trying to see you from their second-story window don’t stand a chance.

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Privacy Screens

If you do have a deck or want to make a specific area of your backyard more private, a privacy screen is a simple solution. Adding a screen to your back porch will make it difficult for anyone to see in. There are also smaller privacy screens that are mobile, so you can move them around your yard depending on the day or activity you’re participating in.

Build A Privacy Fence With Carnahan-White

An easy solution to added privacy is a fence from Carnahan-White. Whether you want  to make your yard more secure or to have peace of mind, we’ll find a fence that’ll work with your needs. Call us today at 417-765-0303, or check out our website to look at our other fence varieties.