Missouri Pests That Can Damage Your Wood Fence

A wood fence is a perfect addition to any home with a yard. Once you have invested in your property and built a beautiful fence, the last thing you want to find is pest damage. With the right preparation and a watchful eye, you can protect your wood fence from common Missouri pests. 


The first pest most people envision when they think of wood damage is the termite. These little insects are notorious for causing massive damage to any wooden structure they infest. Luckily, of the 2,500 species of termites worldwide, only about 4 species are found naturally in Missouri. Unfortunately, subterranean termites are found in our state and can potentially damage a wood fence. These little buggers are difficult to detect, but regular professional termite inspections can help to keep your fence safe.

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants won’t eat your wood like termites will, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause significant damage to your fence. These large reddish-black ants are known to drill holes into wood to expand and establish their nests. Having your fence treated can help to dissuade these pests, as they tend to prefer natural wood. If your fence has water damage or rot, they are more likely to pick your fence as their home. Make sure you keep your fence treated and in good condition, and you will more than likely be safe from these pests.


These cute little critters can actually do some serious damage to a wood fence if left to chew. Like most rodents, squirrel’s teeth grow throughout their life. As such, they have to chew almost constantly. If they make your wood fence their chew toy, serious damage can occur. There have even been reports of squirrels chewing through aluminum fence fasteners. If you have frequent squirrel visitors in your yard, capsaicin-based repellents can keep them offer your fence. There are also specialized fence tops you can invest in to dissuade squirrels from climbing. Act fast if you see squirrels, because they can damage your fence much faster than you think.

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