Pet-Proofing Your Privacy Fence

How to Pet-Proof Your Privacy Fence

For dog owners, having a privacy fence is often a necessity but can also cause unexpected struggles. First, you want to ensure your dog doesn’t chew up your fence. You also want to make sure your dog isn’t able to escape your property. Depending on the type of fence you select, there are a few different ways in which you can protect your privacy fence and your pup all without sacrificing the aesthetic of your backyard.

Today, the Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss the different methods that you can use to pet-proof your fence.

Restrict Your Dog’s View

Most of the time, dogs will attempt to get out of your privacy fence because they see something that catches their attention. If your dog catches sight of your neighbor’s children or another dog, they are more likely to try to escape your property. Selecting a privacy fence with full coverage will help to block your pup’s view. However, if your fence still has gaps they can see through, you may want to invest in a rolling attachment that you can attach to your fence.

You can also plant vines or shrubs to grow on the fence. The other benefit of planting shrubs, vines, or trees around the perimeter of your fence is that it will help to keep your dog from chewing or scratching your fence. Whatever method you choose, block your dog’s view and they’ll be much more content to stay on your property.

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Prevent Your Dog From Tunnelling Under

If your dog is a digger and likes to go under your fence, it may be time to invest in an L-footer along the base of your privacy fence. Take a roll of heavy fence or hardware cloth and unroll it along the base of your fence. Bend the fencing so it can be attached to your existing fence and allow the remainder to lay on the ground. You can bury the L-footer if you prefer a cleaner look, but the important part is your dog will no longer be able to dig their way under your privacy fence as the L-footer will block their way.

Remove Escape Aids

Perhaps the number one way dogs escape their owner’s property is by using items to jump or climb on. Remove piled firewood or garbage cans from beside your fence so your dog can’t climb higher than their legs would take them. Dogs are excellent problem solvers, so remove their tools for escape and they’re more likely to stay inside your privacy fence.

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