Protecting Your Fence From Stormy Weather

While summer weather may be enjoyable, storm season is upon us. Harsh wind and rain can wreak havoc on your fence. If you want to protect your fence from damaging weather, Carnahan-White has some helpful tips to get the job done.

The most damaging factor about summer storms is the wind. High winds can blow debris around your yard and potentially damage your fence. When you see a storm coming, try to pack up and remove any large objects that you can. This can be anything from yard toys, grills, planters, and more. If it’s big and heavy enough to put a hole through your fence, you should move it. If the item is too big to move indoors, secure it as best as you can to the ground. Stakes or bungee cords are useful for this purpose.


After a large storm, have you ever noticed how many tree branches are knocked down? High winds are stronger than you think, and if they can knock branches and trees to the ground, one can certainly fall on your fence. While you can’t always move a big tree away from your fence, you can trim your tree branches so there is less debris that will fall.

If you decide you want to plant trees in your yard, be sure to plant them away from your fence and your home in case summer storms cause the tree to fall.

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Finally, if your fence requires repairs, it’s more likely to collapse during a storm. Make sure to fix any leaning posts or rotting boards in your fence. The stronger your fence is, the more durable it will be to withstand storms.

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