Protecting Your Garden With Ornamental Fencing

If you are serious about developing a beautiful garden, you may want to consider adding fencing around the border of your work. While it’s understandable that some people may not want to hide their garden after all the work they have put into it, there are lots of significant benefits to consider. Today, the Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss the many benefits of installing an ornamental fence around your garden.

Ornamental Fencing Adds to the Beauty of Your Garden

Instead of opting for a wood or vinyl fence, ornamental fencing will allow onlookers to appreciate the beauty of your garden. Wood and vinyl fences block the view and can even prohibit enough sunlight from getting to your plants. Ornamental fencing is much more open, while still providing the protection your garden needs.

Ornamental Fences Are Incredibly Sturdy

Maintenance is a consideration when choosing the material for your garden fence. Carnahan-White offers steel pre-fabricated fencing, iron ornamental fencing, and aluminum fencing if you are interested in low maintenance and sturdy fencing options. We can even customize the ornamentation to create an iron fence that is unique to your garden. These fences will stand up and dissuade even large pests like deer.

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Ornamental Fencing Can Be Buried to Protect Underground

Many garden owners fail to consider burrowing pests like rabbits and raccoons. In order to combat underground pests, consider burying your fence a few inches into the ground to prevent digging. If you can’t bury your fence, another option is to dig a trench and fill it with concrete along your fence line. The last thing you want is to invest in a protective fence only to have an open hole in the ground that bypasses it.

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