Access Control and Security Solutions

security camera in school hallwayFencing from Carnahan-White Fence Company is an important first step in providing security for your home, property or business. Access control and other security services are the next steps. Through D&J Automatic, we offer you security solutions that meet your needs, whether you are a homeowner, apartment building manager or business owner.

Access Control

Safety for your family, employees, and tenants is essential for both their physical protection and your peace of mind. Security engineers from D&J Automatic will work with you to design a security system that safeguards the people in your life and protects your home or business from theft, vandalism or worse.

If you want to know who’s at your entry gate before allowing them onto the grounds, we offer access control and cameras to allow you a peek at your visitors first. A keypad control allows you and family members instant access; if you’re a business owner, you may want to give access cards to employees and install a scanner at the gate for extra security.

Using the Latest Technology

D&J Automatic uses the latest technology to ensure your security is always one step ahead of any threat. We provide IP and analog solutions to meet any budget, including camera surveillance, digital recording, and remote viewing. We back all of our client services with the resources and technical skills to ensure outstanding service and provide the support you need for many years to come. Along with individual families, we work with a range of clients, including storage and manufacturing facilities, government offices and buildings and school districts.

Exceptional Security

Combine security systems, gates and mechanization with exceptional security services from D&J Automatic and superior fencing from Carnahan-White for solutions that fit your needs and your budget. For more information and to arrange a consultation for your project, contact us today.