Should I Paint, Stain, or Leave My Wooden Fence Natural?

After you install your new wooden fence, it is time to decide on the final ‘aesthetic’ choice. Do you paint it a bright new color, stain it for a more natural look, or commit to the natural look with an ‘unfinished’ fence? Carnahan-White Fence Company discusses a few pro’s and con’s of each method so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Perhaps the most iconic, classic method of finishing a wooden fence is a lovely bright layer of white paint. The scene of Tom Sawyer tricking his neighbor into painting his Aunt’s fence is iconic in the minds of Mark Twain fans. However, as technology and aesthetic preference has changed over time, painting has fallen a bit out of favor.

First, paint requires maintenance. After a few years, you will likely notice peeling and cracking on your fence. At that point, it will be time to completely strip the old paint, apply another primer, and repaint the entire fence.

That said, some people love the look of a rustic fence, and that can be achieved with paint and a bit of wear.

A stain is the go-to method for most fence finishes. While the initial investment cost is higher for stains than it is for paint, stains last much longer and require very little maintenance down the road. Your costs will be lower in the long run, because you won’t need to restain your fence nearly as often.

You can choose a solid stain, providing you with the wide color selection of paint. Or if you simply want to protect the natural look of the wood, semi-transparent or clear stains are excellent choices.

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Lastly, if you like the rustic look and want to let nature take its course, you can leave your fence ‘unfinished’ or natural. The natural look will be the least expensive initially and require no real maintenance. However, you are exposing your fence to the elements, which can damage your fence over time.

That said, the natural rustic look is trendy for a reason. A quality wood can last quite a long time and look great over its life. If you decide to stain or paint your natural fence down the road, you can easily prepare the fence for a new finish. This can be a great way to give your property a ‘makeover’ with a new shade.

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