Should You Paint an Iron Fence?

For Carnahan-White Fence Company in Springfield, we understand that your fence can make or break the aesthetic of your property. For example, a wrought iron fence can add elegance and style to any property. However, a broken and rusty fence can make your property look dilapidated. 

If you have an iron fence that needs a little spruce up, painting it is always an option. As long as you know how to paint your wrought iron fence correctly, fresh paint can change the world. Here are some tips to help you get started. 


Before you start painting, you must prepare the fence. First, use a wire brush to remove rust or dirt. To speed up this process, you can use a drill with a wire wheel on the end. 

Next, sand the fence to remove any peeling paint. This also provides a rough surface for the new paint to adhere to. When done, wipe the fence with a dry cloth. 

Finally, cover the area around the fence with a tarp. Primer and paint can stain concrete, windows, and vegetation. A good way to avoid damage to your plants is to water them lightly before you start. Water makes it difficult for paint to adhere to plants. 

How to Paint Your Wrought Iron Fence 

Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for both the pain itself and any spraying machines.

First, apply a primer to prevent rust from seeping into the iron fence. You can find a good liquid or spray primer at most hardware stores. Sprays are more effective than liquids on wrought iron fences with small details or intricate patterns because sprays ensure full coverage. 

If you use spray, be sure to hold the nozzle a few inches away from the fence. Holding it too far will not cover the fence properly, and holding it too close may cause a leak. 

After applying the primer, wait for it to dry. The drying time for each primer is different, but it is usually one to three hours. Then, you can apply the paint of your choice. As with the primer, you can choose a spray or liquid paint. Whichever type you choose, pay close attention to detail, irregular areas, and drips. 

Tips for Painting Your Fence 

First, don’t try to paint your fence when it’s hot outside. You may see brush marks in the paint, and working outdoors in high temperatures can be dangerous. Second, complete the entire fence in one day. If you work in segments, uneven patches may occur. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if you know how to paint wrought iron fences, you may need to seek assistance on larger projects.Need more tips? Reach out to the pros at Carnahan-White Fence Company! Give us a call at 417-883-0733.