Tennis Court Design: Create Your Backyard Court

Are you looking to recreate the authentic experience of a tournament quality tennis court in your backyard? Building a home tennis court requires a few key design decisions before you begin. The surface choice, fencing, lighting, and accessories can all significantly impact the quality of your court. Today, the Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss a few of these design choices to help create a court you can enjoy.

Design Choices for Your Backyard Tennis Court

1) Court Surface

There are several options you can choose for your surface.

First is perhaps the most famous surface, found in famous courts like Wimbledon: grass. Very few backyard courts choose grass. While it’s the softest surface and plays very quickly, it’s a nightmare to manage. Between mowing, fertilizing, and weed control, grass is rarely the best choice for a home court.

Clay is another surface option. Again, this surface plays very well and is a joy to use. However, clay also requires quite a bit of maintenance and expensive features like subsurface irrigation to keep it in playing shape. This is another option you likely want to avoid.

Last, but certainly not least are ‘hard courts’. These courts are generally made from asphalt or concrete as a base with acrylic over the top. Hard courts are the toughest on joints because they have less give than grass or clay, but they are by far the most popular surface for private courts. The popularity of hard courts is mainly due to the fact that they require very little maintenance compared to other options.

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2) Fencing

Any tennis court requires fencing to keep your tennis balls enclosed. Most likely, a chain-link fence is going to be your best option. This lightweight fence can be built high enough to corral even the wildest of shots. Chain link is also great at standing up to the elements if you choose a quality provider like Carnahan-White.

Our chain link fence is hot-dipped in molten zinc, resulting in much more durable and rust-resistant fencing. Vinyl-coated options can allow you to customize the look of your court and provide an additional layer of protection.

3) Lighting

Next, you will need to decide whether your court needs lighting. For your casual player, this will likely be unnecessary. However, if you want to have the option to play late at night, you’ll need to invest in a lighting system.

4) Accessories

Lastly, consider the accessories you want to have installed at your tennis court. Many people like to have benches with shaded areas for rest and shelter on hot days. You may also want to consider a windscreen to install on your fence if your property is lacking tree cover. There are numerous other accessories you can add to your court, like scorekeepers, shoe cleaners, and ball organizers.

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Trust Carnahan-White For Your Home Tennis Court

Carnahan-White can work with you from the beginning of the process until the completion of your brand new tennis court. Whether you’re deciding on the type of fencing to surround your court or type of playing surface, we can help. Our superior workmanship and quality products will leave you satisfied. Contact our team for a free quote today.