Carnahan-White: What Is The Best Fencing For Your Tennis Court?

If you’re considering building a tennis court on your property, one of the most important things to consider is what type of fencing you will be using. Conduct thorough research and consider everything from flyaway tennis balls to potential spectators. This Carnahan-White blog focuses on some different types of fencing in order to help you examine your options!

Chain Link Fence

This is most likely the type of fencing you think of when you think of tennis court fencing. It is a great option, especially if you want people to be able to spectate. It allows for the most visibility. It can also be built very tall to ensure that errant tennis balls don’t go missing. If you want to spruce up this look, you can always paint the chain link fence an interesting color.

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Vinyl Fencing

These fences are more like netting. While they have many of the benefits of the chain link fence they also provide you with extra privacy. They can also be made tall in order to keep the tennis balls from getting lost. However, if you’re hoping for people to be able to watch tennis matches from outside the vinyl fence, this isn’t a great option.

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Wood And Lattice Fencing

Wood and lattice fencing is a very classy and unique look for your tennis court. Like with a chain link fence, you can customize the color of your wooden fence. A crisp white looks very sharp on a tennis court. Though they cannot reach the height of a chain link fence, these wooden fences can be made high enough to block some balls from escaping. They provide better visibility than the vinyl fencing, but they are not as viewer-friendly as the chain link fence.

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