The Different Fence Styles That Can Complement Your Home Design

There are countless fence styles and colors a homeowner can choose from. Depending on the style of your home and property, one type of fence may make more sense than another. It really depends on the vision you have for your property. Today, the expert team at Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss some of the most popular fence styles and how they can pair with your home.

The Classic Americana Look

Nothing creates a more iconic American look than a beautiful white picket fence surrounding your yard. Generally, white picket fences are made from wood, however, some homeowners opt for vinyl to cut down on maintenance. This fence style creates a warm and welcoming environment and pairs very well with cottage and cape cod-style homes. 

Farm and Ranch Style

In the Ozarks, many homebuilders specialize in ranch-style homes. These rustic homes demand a fence that embodies a western look. Vertical or horizontal wooden board fences and metal fences perfectly incorporate these ideas. If you are interested in completing this look on your property, consult with an expert fence consultant like Carnahan-White for style advice.

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Gothic and Victorian 

For homeowners who have a Victorian or Gothic-style home, consider ornamented aluminum or iron fencing. With stylized-peaks and black or brown iron coloring, an ornamental metal fence can give your home a high-class feel. Best of all, you can select treated ironwork to protect against rust or warping — resulting in a fence that needs little to no maintenance for many years to come.

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