Things to Think About Before Staining a Fence

Just like a house benefits from a great paint job, fences can use a bit of color to make them stand out. Whether you’re using stain or paint, it is a detailed process that requires a bit of planning. Carnahan-White lists some things to think about before you begin. 

Before you begin the process, you’ll need to consider the weather when it comes to fence stain. Rainy weather is not a good time to stain a fence, as the stain will wash off almost immediately after it’s put on. If you’re in a hurry to stain your fence, keep an eye out for a sunny or partly cloudy day so your stain will stay in place.

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Have you felt the texture of your fence panels lately? If your fence feels a bit rugged or you find that the boards aren’t as smooth as they should be, it’s probably a good idea to sand down each panel down before staining your fence. The smoother the panels, the easier it will be to apply the stain.

You might have a color already in mind for your wood fence, but if not, it’s time to find one! You’ll want to choose a color that complements the exterior of your home, and you should choose a type of stain that will last a lifetime. You can find a wide selection of fence stains online or at a local hardware or home improvement store. 

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You probably don’t want to stain your fence in the dark. Consider what time of day you’ll want to stain your fence and how long you estimate the process will take. If you have a large yard, you may want to start staining your fence early in the day for the next few days. If you have a smaller yard, it may just take an afternoon to finish.

If you want a blank canvas before you stain, consider a high-quality fence from Carnahan-White. No matter what color you decide to paint or stain your wood fence, our fences are built to last and will color with ease. Call our Springfield, MO, location today at (417) 883-0733 for more information about our various types of fences.