Tips for Caring for Your Chain Link Fence

One of the best traits of a chain link fence is its durability. However, that doesn’t mean that they require no maintenance. Properly maintaining your chain link fence will ensure that you get the longest life out of your fence as possible. The question still remains, what maintenance steps should you take?

Today, the experts at Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss the steps every homeowner with a chain link fix should follow to maintain their fence.

If you have a vinyl-covered or galvanized fence from Carnahan-White, this is less of a concern — but if you have a standard chain link fence, applying a finish to the metal is a good idea. Not only will your fence be able to better withstand the elements, but it will also protect your fence from rust.

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If you have a gate in your chain link fence, it is important to periodically apply oil to the hinges. Rusted hinges cause your gate to become difficult to open and close. Applying a lubricating oil such as WD-40 will help to keep your hinges performing.

Dirt will eventually accumulate on your fence. Washing and waxing your fence once per year will help to keep it looking new. Remove any plant life that may have grown onto your chain link fence. Use soapy water to scrub away any dirt and residue, then let the fence dry over a few hours. After your fence has dried, apply a wax to the fence’s springs, latches, and joints. This will help to protect your fence from the elements and keep residue from building up.

If you have children, make it clear to them that climbing your fence is dangerous and can damage the fence. Climbing over a chain link fence can damage the support posts and cause the chain link to pull away. If you want to avoid repairs, it is important to remain vigilant and prevent anyone from climbing your fence.

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