Tips for Dog Owners to Help Protect Your Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is a great investment in both the look and feel of your property. It can provide security, privacy, and a private retreat for your family and friends to spend time together. The last thing you want to see after a new fence installation is damage from your best friend — the family dog. Today, the Carnahan-White Fence Company will share a few things you can do to protect your wood fence from your pup. 

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There are a number of reasons your dog may develop behavioral problems that cause them to damage your fence. They could suffer from separation anxiety when you leave for work each morning. Each dog reacts to anxiety differently, and some dogs will scratch and claw at objects as a form of relief — and your wood fence may become the object of their behavioral issue. They may also attempt to escape by digging underneath your newly installed fence. Maybe they react to visual cues outside of your property and are “set-off” by other dogs or wildlife.

Whatever the reason may be, most of these issues can be solved through behavioral training. For example, if your dog gets anxious when you leave the house, you can help them to associate separation with good things. Try leaving a puzzle toy stuffed with a treat when you leave. A kong toy stuffed with peanut butter will take your dog 20 to 30 minutes to finish. Each time you are gone they receive a tasty treat, and they will begin to associate you leaving with a positive experience. Only give them access to this toy when you leave, to positively reinforce good behavior and lessen separation anxiety. 

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Another reason your dog may scratch and claw is that they are simply bored. Ensure your dog gets plenty of time to socialize both with you and with other dogs. Just like humans, dogs are extremely social creatures and can begin to develop issues when isolated. Give your pup plenty of toys to enjoy to keep them engaged. When dogs get bored, they begin to misbehave and can become destructive. Take them on plenty of walks and trips to the park to ensure they get the chance to burn off excess energy. In short, treat the underlying boredom that is causing them to damage your fence in the first place.

Discuss your fence needs with the experts at Carnahan-White Fence Company and we can help find the right fencing solution for you. Whether that includes a privacy fence to prevent your dog from the visual cues that are causing bad behavior or a vinyl or iron fence that can stand up to potential claw damage — Carnahan-White Fence Company has a solution for you.