Tips for Maintaining an Iron Fence

Closeup picture of an iron ornamental fence

An iron fence lends an air of structure and durability to any property; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be maintained. With the right care and quality materials, they can last for generations. But there is one weakness that you should remain mindful of — rust. Even small rust spots can compromise your iron fence and drastically shorten its lifespan. With this in mind, Carnahan-White offers a few maintenance tips to ensure that your fence lasts as long as possible.

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Maintenance Steps for Your Fence

  1. Begin by clearing your fence of any vines or vegetation. While these can be a fantastic aesthetic addition to your property, they can also harbor moisture in hidden crevices around the iron. 
  2. Closely inspect your fence for signs of rust. Make sure to check the base of the fence closely, as this is the section most often exposed to moisture. If you find small rust spots, use a fine wire brush to brush away any signs of rust. 
  3. After you have removed any rust spots, apply a rust converter to the affected areas. Rust converter is a chemical solution made of tannic acid and organic polymers that converts oxidized areas into a protective chemical barrier. You can find a rust converter at nearly any home improvement store.
  4. Apply primer and an oil-based paint that is designed for metal. If you can find a spray-on application, all the better. This method will allow the primer and paint to better adhere to any nooks and crannies of an ornamental iron fence.
  5. Twice a year, apply a metal-grade wax to the outside of the fence for an additional layer of moisture protection. 
  6. Regularly apply grease to your fence hinges; these areas suffer constant friction, and paint and primer can quickly be worn away without proper lubrication. Use a heavier grease like a lithium-based lubricant instead of WD-40 to ensure long-term adherence. This has the added benefit of keeping your gate free of annoying squeaks.

By following the above steps, you can help to keep your iron fence in excellent condition indefinitely. An iron fence is a great investment for any property, but it does demand a bit of TLC.

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