Tips for Winterizing Your Privacy Fence From Carnahan-White Fence Company

Carnahan-White Fence Company wants you to enjoy your wooden privacy fence for decades to come. That means performing regular maintenance checks on your fence to make it last as long as possible. Today’s blog from Carnahan-White highlights some tips for winterizing your privacy fence.

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Inspect for Damage

Check your privacy fence for signs of damage on a dry day. If you don’t fix any damage soon, then cold weather may make the damage worse. Ice and snow can get into the damaged fence and expand any cracks or holes. Look for split planks, rotting wood, holes, warping, chew marks from animals, or insect infestations. Make sure there aren’t any loose boards. If there are, nail them back into place.

Remove Debris

Leaves, dirt, and debris can cause discoloration at best and rotted wood at worst. Rake all of the leaves after your trees are done shedding. Take care of any trash, dried grass, sticks, or other yard debris that’s along the bottom of your fence. The reason you want to remove debris is because water can build up there, and water can seep into the wood to cause rot, cracking, and damage over time.

Fix Any Damage

Fixing damage depends on what you find during your inspection of the privacy fence.

Mildew. If you see mildew, remove it with a bleach-free cleaner specially formulated for cleaning wood. Mildew will grow and expand, causing ugly discolorations.

Warping. Warped planks should be replaced. If you have a spare plank in your garage, install that one. Or call the experts at Carnahan-White. We’ll take a look at your privacy fence.

Holes. If you see holes in your privacy fence, make sure they aren’t caused by insects. Purchase some wood putty and fill the hole as much as you can to protect the wood and keep the hole from expanding.

Loose boards. For any loose boards, you can use nails and hammer them back into place. This is a two-person job. You’ll need someone to hold the plank at the right height while you hammer a couple of nails into the board.

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