Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Choosing a Wrought Iron Fence Design

Carnahan-White Fence Company designs, builds, and installs privacy fences for residential and commercial properties. We also do ironworks including railings and iron fences. Today, we outline some tips, tricks, and ideas for choosing a wrought iron fence design.

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Complement Your Style

Your home’s style can help determine the right type of wrought iron fence design for your needs. Victorian houses might do well with triad speartops and a tall fence, while modern houses might be complemented by spherical finials and long, horizontal railings. 


How many gates do you want for your ironworks fence? It depends on how long your fence is. Consider a gate at the entrance of your driveway for security and privacy. You might have a gate to access a trash dumpster on a commercial property or multifamily apartment complex.

Height Versus Purpose

How high do you want your wrought iron fence? Luckily, an ironworks fence allows you to see through the posts while providing security. The height of your fence will determine how much security it will provide. A 5-foot fence is more ornamental, creating a beautiful border along your property. A fence that’s 8 to 10 feet is much more secure. Are you enclosing a pool or garden? Is the fence just for appearance and style? These questions can help you decide how high you want your fence to be.


Finials are the tips of fence posts. Modern fencing doesn’t necessarily have finials on every post. A wrought iron fence with a more traditional appearance usually has finials on each post. 

Finials for ironworks come in many styles.

Quad ball. This has a small ball rounded on top that fans out in four small wings to the corners of the finial. It’s like a rounded arrowhead.

Triad. A triad finial features a pointed top and two curved leaves that branch out to either side.

Spearpoint. As the name implies, a spear point looks just like a spearhead. Teardrop. Teardrop finials appear as if they are the spade suit in a deck of cards with a small ball on top.

Spherical. Spherical finials represent the most popular choice for modern ironwork fences. These kinds range from the size of a ping pong ball to a tennis ball. 

Finials are the finishing touch of your wrought iron fence. They add style and security at the same time.

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