Types of Security Fencing for Your Property

Carnahan-White designs all kinds of fences to beautify and secure your yard, facility, or property. We want you to have the perfect fence! In today’s blog, we explain the types of security fencing we can build and install for you.

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Basic Design Elements

Security fencing should have three main design elements, all of which make this type of fence hard to climb over:

  • At least 8 feet tall
  • Spiked or pointed on top
  • Few horizontal rails

Other things to think about are:

  • Secured into the ground with concrete
  • Secure gates
  • Unable to be cut through

Many security fencing options fit these specifications.

Chain-Link Fences

When you envision security fencing, a chain-link fence is probably the first thing you think of. Chain-link fences are sturdy, hard to break, and last for decades. We can install chain-link fences as high as you need them, sometimes 10 feet or higher, depending on your needs.

High Fences

High-security fencing has an added measure on top to prevent people from climbing over. We can put lengths of specialized barbed wire in between posts along the top. The mesh part of the fence has small apertures to try to prevent intruders from trying to climb the fence.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is one very popular type of security fencing. It’s very sturdy and made of steel. The tops of each steel beam, which look like a type of javelin, come to a blunt point on top. Gaps in between the steel beams make it impossible to get a foothold, and the metal is too slick to get a hold of to climb over. Horizontal beams are towards the very bottom and top of the fence, which is too wide for anyone to try to climb.

Metal Hoarding

Privacy fences are typically made of wood, and although wooden fences look great and can work for minimum security, they may not be the best choice. Metal hoarding fences are essentially privacy fences made of metal that prevent people from seeing into your property. Metal hoarding fences work well for outdoor storage areas or parking lots used to secure vehicles. You’ll probably need a security camera to monitor what’s happening on the outside of the enclosed area because you won’t be able to see through it, unlike the other types of security fencing.

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Fences by Carnahan-White

Carnahan-White Fence Company can work with you to design the perfect security fencing that’s practical and looks great. We’ve been in business since 1952, and we’d love to earn your business! Contact Carnahan-White or call 417-883-0733 to talk to us about our security fencing.