Waterproofing A Wooden Fence

Rainy summer weather can take a toll on your fence if it isn’t waterproofed. A brand new wooden fence can be ruined in a matter of days if it isn’t properly sealed. If you aren’t sure what state your fence is in, or you’re looking to seal a brand new fence, Carnahan-White shares several ways to check its quality and durability, and fix any water issues.

Choosing The Right Wood

If you don’t already have a fence and have considered building one or hiring a professional, make sure that they’re using high-quality wood. While no fence will be perfect forever, check for these few things in your wood before you put your fence up.

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Wood Rot: Wood rot can be difficult to identify. Look for patches in the wood that may look discolored or disintegrated. Your fence won’t last long if the wood is slowly eating itself.

Cracks: Check for any cracks or holes in your wood. A small hole or crack may not spell trouble now, but harsh weather can cause these problems to worsen.

Durability: Feel the texture and test the strength of the wood. Does it feel sturdy or flimsy? You want your fence to stand up firmly and for a long time, so steer clear of weaker woods.

Testing It

If you do have a fence or you just put one up, check to see if it’s sealed already. You can do so by splashing a bit of water on the pickets. If the wood starts to change color and take on more of a darker hue, that means your fence isn’t sealed, or it wasn’t sealed properly. There are many steps you can take to weatherproof your fence from this point.

Waterproof Sealants Or Stains

There are several types of stains and sealants:

Solid Stains: Solid stains are opaque and have a similar texture to paint. They completely cover the wood’s natural color while completely sealing the wood from weather elements. They are one of the longer lasting and stronger sealants on the market. 

Semi-Transparent Stains: These stains allow a little bit of your fence’s natural color to show through while adding a bit of color. This is also an effective way to seal your fence.

Clear Sealants: Clear sealants allow the natural color of the wood to be seen while still offering protection from damaging UV rays and rain.

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Waterproof Paint

If you’re not a fan of stains, waterproof paints are an excellent option because they can protect against moisture and humidity. Waterproof paints can contain latex that allows moisture to gloss over the surface without harming the wood. They also come in many types of colors so you can paint your fence whatever color your want. 

Wax Polish

Finally, wax polish can repel water and prevent dirt and grime from sticking to the wood’s surface. Polishes need to be slathered on your fence to protect it, but make sure to clean it first. Waxes come in many finishes, similar to a stain, or clear, like a sealant. 

Get A Fence Built To Last

At Carnahan-White, our fences are built to last and withstand any weather conditions. Searching for the right fence has never been easier. Contact us today for a free quote.