What Are Some Alternatives to Chain Link Fence?

While chain link fencing is an inexpensive and effective way to define your property line, it isn’t always the ideal aesthetic for every home. There are a number of alternatives to chain link that can provide the same benefits — security, privacy, and restriction — while also offering a great look to compliment your home. Today, the Carnahan-White Fence team will discuss some of these alternative fences to help you decide which style is right for you.

Wood fences are classic for a reason. They look great on nearly any property, require minimal maintenance, and allow a measure of customization and variety of choices that many other fence styles can’t match. 

Whether you select a classic wood like pine or cedar — or you experiment with a more unique style like oxbow or pinehill — your choice can drastically alter the look of your fence and property. Best of all, a wood fence does not have to be designed exclusively in the classic picket style. Your design choices are only limited by your imagination.

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A custom iron fence is another fantastic alternative to chain link. Not only are iron fences incredibly sturdy and durable, but they can also be extremely decorative. An iron fence can give your property a Victorian look that chain link simply can’t match, while still providing excellent security for your home.

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While wood and iron are both fantastic materials for a fence, vinyl fencing combines excellent visual style with the lowest maintenance requirements of any of the options. Vinyl panels are durable and flexible, allowing them to stand up to harsh winds and winter weather. If you really want the classic look of wood, many vinyl designs are excellent at mimicking wood texture and color.

Another underappreciated aspect of vinyl fencing is the privacy it can provide. One-piece panels can eliminate the usual spacing that exists within fence posts — making vinyl an excellent choice for a backyard pool. 

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