What Are the Benefits of Installing a Basketball Court Fence?

The professionals at Carnahan-White are experts in building full-sized courts and fencing for multiple sports, including basketball, tennis, pickleball, and volleyball.

When building your outdoor basketball court, you have the option of fencing it in as well. If you are on the fence about this decision (pun intended), read more about basketball court fences and the benefits they can provide.

What Type of Fencing Is Used?

The type of fencing used for a basketball court depends on the size of the court and the budget involved. Chain link or mesh fences are the most commonly used styles as they are durable and cost-effective. They also allow spectators to watch the game being played from outside the fence.

Depending on the amount of privacy required, you can also use wooden fencing. If you are going for a certain aesthetic, you can use iron or metal fencing as well.

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How Tall Is the Fence?

A basketball court fence is generally 6 feet tall or taller. Some court fences go up to 12 feet tall. The height of the fence is generally based on personal preference and what functionality you intend the fence to have.


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What Are the Benefits of Basketball Court Fences?

While a fence around your full or half-court may seem optional, there are many great benefits to installing one, including security, safety, and aesthetics.


Having your basketball court fenced in provides a level of security for the players and equipment. The fence can be gated to keep out unwanted visitors, prevent vandalism, and deter theft. If you don’t want your court accessible when you are not present, a fence will give you the level of security you need.


A fence will provide safety for both the players and the spectators. Having a physical barrier around the court can keep the ball contained and can prevent any onlookers from coming too close and being injured.


Adding a fence to your court can improve the overall look and feel. You can customize the materials and colors to match the theme of the basketball court. It can also increase the overall value of your property.

Basketball Court Fences in Springfield, MO

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