What Commercial Fence Style Is Best for My Business?

When choosing the right commercial fence for your business, there are many styles and materials to choose from. In general, the major subsections of fencing fall into four categories: wood, chain link, ornamental iron, or vinyl. To choose the best option for you, it is best to focus on two main factors: location and function. Today, the Carnahan-White Fence team will discuss the benefits of each style to help you find the perfect fence for your business.

Ideal Factors for Wood Fencing

Most businesses that are located in residential areas tend to opt for a wood fence. This style helps to create a comfortable, attractive style for your building that is welcoming to any potential clients. Restaurants tend to use wood fencing to create outdoor enclosures when the surrounding area doesn’t lend to a quiet, private environment. Wood fencing also is an excellent choice for creating dumpster enclosures, as you can keep scavengers away from your garbage while hiding a potential eyesore from your guests.

Chain Link Fences For Security Purposes

For businesses interested in safeguarding their on-site assets, chain link can be the ideal choice of fence style. Chain link helps to create a barrier without limiting visibility. With effective planning and the removal of potential visual blockages, you are able to create a safe barrier around your business that prevents criminals from hiding. When choosing a chain link fence for security, be sure to aim for a height that makes scaling difficult — a minimum of six feet tall. 

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When to Choose Ornamental Iron Fencing 

Ornamental iron fencing is the perfect choice for businesses in historical or downtown locations. Ornamental fencing is the most secure option while also offering an aesthetically pleasing design. For business owners predominantly worried about security, ornamental iron fencing can be topped with a variety of configurations that make climbing a near impossibility, such as Pickett or Speared tops. Both choices offer additional security and an elegant pattern.

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Vinyl Fencing for Businesses

Vinyl fencing is perhaps the best choice for a business interested in privacy. Vinyl can be designed to prevent prying eyes at your property, thanks to full panel designs with no gaps between posts. Vinyl is also very low-maintenance and customizable — making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of businesses.

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